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Re: A little politicking, was Boat Stoves Exchange

Dear All:    I concur.. I am a novice sailor wanna be and not a techie..
although some of the tech stuff is over my head  I have been picking up some
things with the group participation.. and it is fun!
Maureen Larson
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From: Bob Schimmel <>
To: Bob Spencer <>
Cc: SJ23 mail list <sanjuan23@PEAK.ORG>
Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2000 7:57 AM
Subject: Re: A little politicking, was Boat Stoves Exchange

>Bob Spencer wrote:
>> >It was great to see the majordomo list come to life after a long
>> >semi-dormancy.
>> Chuck, as a new member, I've been surprised how little conversation takes
>> place on the list. A mailing list is such a marvelous way to exchange
>> information helpful to all, and it seems a shame that doesn't happen more
>> on SJ23 list.
>> I found out right away that when I asked a question on the list, almost
>> responses came to me alone, not to the list. I've received a lot of good
>> information about a variety of subjects since joining, and it has been
>> helpful. My thanks to all. However, most all that good information has
>> for my eyes, only, and hasn't been shared by the membership. That's too
>> bad, IMHO.
>> I haven't been here long enough to be making suggestions, but I'm going
>> do it, anyway. It seems important. If the preferences for the list were
>> changed so that simply selecting "Reply" would return a message to the
>> list, instead of just to the person who posted, then all would have
>> to the information, and the conversation level of the list would be
>> The members could still respond to the poster by private mail, if they
>> not wish to discuss the topic with the group.
>> People will usually take the path of least resistance, least effort. With
>> "Reply" set as it is, they will use it, even though they would rather
>> to the group at large. They do that because it's easier, and, as some
>> told me, because they don't know how to do it otherwise.
>> Maybe the preferences are intentionally set as they are so that the level
>> of conversation will stay low. That's fair, and if the group likes it
>> way, the preferences should not be changed. Personally, I vote to make
>> change and see what happens for a month. If it turns into too much of a
>> chat room, they can always be changed back.
>> Bob the Brash
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>I agree.  The more info that is exchanged the better it is for us all.
>Bob Schimmel
>Spruce Grove, Alberta
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