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Re: jury-rig throttle friction

Jack Chandler wrote:

> I just installed a new outboard, and everything is perfect EXCEPT throttle friction.  Seems that every time I release the handgrip, the throttle returns to idle.  Anybody have a suggestion for jury-rigging a throttle friction adjustment?
> Yeah, I know I could disconnect the throttle return spring, and I may end up doing just that.  But this motor has a two-year warranty that I don't want to throw away just yet.
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Most outboards have a friction setting for the throttle.  Maybe yours is sticky (released) from manufacture.  Mine was full of oil from years of use and had the same problem you describe till I cleaned it.

PS: Don't get rid of your return spring.  After you fix the friction problem you will need this spring so the carburetor can track the changes of the throttle setting.  I discovered that the previous owner discarded the spring on my
engine.   It is very annoying to have the engine throttle drop to idle when all you want is to drop the speed slightly.  I have since replaced both the carburetor and the throttle return springs. All operate very smooth now.  (This is very
difficult to put in to words!)


Bob Schimmel
Spruce Grove, Alberta

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