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real tiller management

In regards to how to sail singlehandedly without buying an auto-tiller.
All you have to do is:
1. Eat your Wheaties for breakfast
2. go sailing
3. While the boat is headed into the wind (under power), lock the tiller
with either a "tiller tamer" or a bungee cord or, hey, a good length of
duct tape.
4. Attach your safety harness' tether to it's jackline
5. jump to the cabin top to guide the mainsail up it's track as you use
your other hand to hoist it and hold onto the mast for dear life.
6. trip on the pile of halyard that is now scattered about the deck
7. regain control of the boat as it has proceeeded to jibe about 47 times
after the duct tape has come loose.
8. get the main settled and happy 
9. relax a bit
10. hoist the jib that you so carefully bungeed to  the deck to ensure it
would go up it's track without incident.
11. balance the boat and lash the tiller( once agai) 
12. fish the bottem half of the jib out of the drink. (the bungee worked
well in theory.) 
13. raise the jib again
14. make the boat happy
15. give the circleing coast guard boat the ol' thumbs up. 
16. treat all injuries with the appropriate 1'st aide.

Next lesson:  Lowering and stowing sails

fresh wind is the best wind,

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