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Re: real tiller management

This is a great discussion on sailing an SJ 23 single handed!  I have only
owned Saffron for a couple of months and have sorely discovered a need to
rig her for single handed sailing.  I bought a Tiller Tamer a few days ago
but have not had time to install it.

Taking this discussion a step further, has anyone with a mainsail with bolt
rope on the luff rather than slugs and grommets, taken the sail in for a
refit?  I would like to do that this winter - however, maybe it is cost
effective to have a new main made?  A sail maker here in Portland quoted me
5 bucks a grommet for the grommet and slugs option.  I have no idea how many
it would take, however.  With halyard ran aft, seems like an easy way to get
the main up and down from the cockpit, though.

I have manged to rig a downhaul for the jib - that seems to work quite well
from the cockpit.  I will feel better taking my family out once I can handle
her by myself (least until they become the sailors I think they will).

Robert Curry

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