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Re: real tiller management

<x-flowed>What a hoot! I'm looking forward to your chapter on dropping sails and 
starting motor. I typically end up jumping around like a scalded monkey and 
would certainly learn from your wisdom...


>From: Matthew Cooper <>
>Reply-To: sanjuan23@PEAK.ORG
>To: San Juan 23 mail list <sanjuan23@PEAK.ORG>
>Subject: real tiller management
>Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 21:34:40 -0400 (EDT)
>In regards to how to sail singlehandedly without buying an auto-tiller.
>All you have to do is:
>1. Eat your Wheaties for breakfast
>2. go sailing
>3. While the boat is headed into the wind (under power), lock the tiller
>with either a "tiller tamer" or a bungee cord or, hey, a good length of
>duct tape.
>4. Attach your safety harness' tether to it's jackline
>5. jump to the cabin top to guide the mainsail up it's track as you use
>your other hand to hoist it and hold onto the mast for dear life.
>6. trip on the pile of halyard that is now scattered about the deck
>7. regain control of the boat as it has proceeeded to jibe about 47 times
>after the duct tape has come loose.
>8. get the main settled and happy
>9. relax a bit
>10. hoist the jib that you so carefully bungeed to  the deck to ensure it
>would go up it's track without incident.
>11. balance the boat and lash the tiller( once agai)
>12. fish the bottem half of the jib out of the drink. (the bungee worked
>well in theory.)
>13. raise the jib again
>14. make the boat happy
>15. give the circleing coast guard boat the ol' thumbs up.
>16. treat all injuries with the appropriate 1'st aide.
>Next lesson:  Lowering and stowing sails
>fresh wind is the best wind,
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