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Wet hull

I am still getting some water into my starboard locker in the cabin.  I have
reseated the chain plate, and even went so far as to put a four inch access
hole in the top of my starboard lazerette so I could have access to my motor
mount bolts, and tightened them up.  Only a couple of other places I can
think of, 1. Rudder through bolts, 2. centerboard, or 3. wet, wet hull?  I
know my hull seems to be very wet.  I have to recaulk (I stick it to the
inside hull next to my knot meter) my depth finder every trip I want to use
it, and if I hit a wave hard, it knocks it loose, and I have to go reseat it
again (this winter that baby is going on the outside of the hull somewhere.
In Maine you HAVE to have a depth finder.)  Any other ideas?

When I went to check on my boat this week, my starboard inner shroud
turnbuckle had worked really loose.  I plan to have all my shrouds replaced
this winter.  One boater told me to only release my starboard shrouds when I
take may mast down, and then I am not trying to retighten both sides.  The
bay I moor in has a southerly exposure to the open ocean and the lobster
boats keep her rocking all day long, so I am hoping that is what worked her
loose.  No particular question, just thinking out loud.

Char Montz
S/V No Whine just Roses
Topsham, Maine

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