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Response to New Buyer


I believe almost all the questions you ask are covered on the links I have
provided on the San Juan 23 Internet Fleet WebPages or on Bob Schimmel's
Techtips. That sounds like a good buy. Trailers are tough to find and new
ones are from $1800-3000. I can't tell where you live but if it is in the
northwest you can contact Gene Adams by e-mail and he will probably be able
to locate a trailer for about the same amount you are paying for the boat.
That is still a very good buy in my opinion.

Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
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From: Glen Schwartzberg <>
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Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2000 7:10 AM
Subject: new buyer

>      I am considering buying a 1978 SanJuan 23. The
> seller is asking $1500. Which according to the info I
> find is pretty good. Since its about 250 miles from
> where I live I've tried to get a little info by email.
> The seller stated that the sails are a 5 on a scale of
> one to ten, the standing rigging is in good shape. He
> also states the boat has no additional amenities. Does
> anyone know what the original equipment was for this
> year and does this sound like a good buy? I am new to
> sailing and I would like to have a resonably priced
> boat to learn on. Also no trailer was included in this
> price. How easy is it to find a trailer for this boat
> and what type of weight can I expect? Thanks for you
> responses.
> Glen Schwartzberg
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