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unsubscribe notices

Here's something I think should have been said in response to the 
very first "unsubscribe" message sent to the mailing list:

In order to unsubscribe, you should send an email message to the 
list server,, from your subscribed address.  
In the message, include the command "unsubscribe sanjuan23" on 
a line by itself in the body of the message.  The software will 
unsubscribe you without any need for human intervention, and you 
won't flood the list with empty "unsubscribe" messages.

I know it works because I just used it to change my subscribed 
address.  Majordomo even emails you back to tell you that it did 
what you asked.

Chuck, your apology was gracious but unnecessary.  Your anger 
and frustration were understandable under the circumstances.


Jack Chandler
Richland, Washington USA

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