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Re: Info on sailing on Kootenay Lake


As you know Kootenay Lake is in S.W. British Columbia in a region known as
the East Kootenay's. I have not sailed there but was up in the region this
summer on a golf vacation. This is what I can share with you. The lake is
very large and I suspect you wouldn't have any trouble spend 10 days to 2
week traversing it. I observed quite a number of sailboats on the lake so
there must be launching facilities on the lake. The largest city on the lake
is Nelson which is one of the oldest Cities in B.C. and has lots of
facilities including I am sure launching ramps.I am sure that they have a
web site.

The lake is surrounded by high mountains on all sides and is very beautiful.
Day time temps on the lake in the summer would be mid 70's to mid 80's. Of
what I saw of the lake, including a 50 min ferry trip to cross it, was quite
a number of inlets and bays.

Hope this helps.

Frank May
Jafeica, Sail 332

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> I'm wondering if anyone out there has any experience sailing on Kootenay
> in BC? I'm considering trailering "Radiant" up next summer for a couple of
> weeks. We spent 2 weeks on Lake Tahoe in July and would be glad to share
> we learned with anyone who might be interested...Tom Dew
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