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>Subject: Re: Tech Tip E01
>Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 07:12:34 -0400
>I have a Yamaha 6 and Evinrude 9.9.  Both take the boat to hull speed.
>Juan Mo' Time
>Oriental, NC

>Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 14:42:06 -0700
>Subject: Re: tiller management
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>There are several methods to steer the boat while changing sails, 
>getting a cold
>beverage, changing music or making out.
>One is on the techtips webpage. It looks pretty fancy and allows course
>corrections from the foredeck.
>Maybe some one has actually used that method can tell us how well it works.
>I am currently using a simple bungee method.
>I have about an 7' length bungee with a cheap plastic adjustable hook on the
>It stretches from toe rail to toe rail horizontally across the cockpit.
>I wrap the tiller at the end in about two loops of bungee cord
>This provides enough friction so the tiller doesn't slip easily.
>A big advantage to this method is the tiller can be pushed to make a small
>course correction.
>Using one hand to feed a little slack into the loop while moving the 
>tiller with
>the other hand will adjust the centering point.
>The bungee can be disabled quickly by unhooking from the toe rail.
>The disadvantage of this method is the cord stretches across the 
>cockpit and you
>have to step over it when in use.
>It also lack complexity and doesn't look trick.
>Installation setup time is about 5 minutes.
>Five minutes to become an expert in its use.
>From there on its 20 seconds to hook the bungee and adjust.
>No holes drilled anywhere on the boat.
>The whole set up cost about five dollars.
>I used to use a Davis tiller tamer.
>The tiller tamer worked OK but was a hassle in making a small course 
>The tiller tamer was also about eighteen bucks plus drilling holes in the
>I used lance cleats at the end of the tiller tamer ropes to facilitate quick
>disconnect of the device.
>Turning the knob to loosen clamp and reduce the friction takes too 
>much time to
>adjust course when hit by a gust.
>Practical Sailor Magazine had a review of tiller tamers a few years ago. They
>liked some thing with springs at the end of the rope.
>The springs allowed a small course correction without adjusting the 
>device, same
>as the bungee.
>It employed a quick disconnect at the tiller unlike the Davis.
>I like the bungee the best so far.
>Sometimes you can steer the boat by shifting your weight to make small course
>corrections when everything is pretty well balanced.
>Enjoy single handing
>Lake Mead NV

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