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RE: Tech Tip E01

<x-flowed>A couple of years back, Chuck and I went head-to-head in our two 
bits, he with a 6 HP Honda 4 stroke and I with an 8 HP Honda 4 
stroke, both rather new engines.  At full throttle in calm water, the 
8 HP was only slightly faster.  The next day we were two of the 
smallest/slowest boats in a race that had its start moved a few 
miles.  After half an hour at full throttle, I was less than 1000 
yards ahead.

Consider also:
The 8 HP would have a more pronounced advantage in rough water or high wind.

The 8 HP has a larger alternator.

The 8 HP weighs more and is a real chore to get on and off the 
mounting bracket.

The 8 HP costs more.

If I had it to do over again I would go with a 6 HP.

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