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outboard selection

Pogy Bait came with a Honda 4-stroke 7.5 hp, and it was less than 
adequate.  Maybe the motor itself was defective, but I was never 
happy with it's performance.  This year, I replaced it with a 15 hp 2-
stroke Johnson, which weighs about ten pounds more than the old 
Honda but gives me the performance I wanted at half throttle.  I was 
going to get a 9.9, but the specs showed that the two motors were 
identical except for tuning.  I can't imagine pushing my boat 
against the 20-knot winds that we see out here in the desert with 
anything smaller than my old 7.5.

Then again, the 15 weighs a little over 70 pounds and cost me a 
little over two grand at Cabela's.  But it does have an alternator and 
electric start, and I'm getting old enough to appreciate that sort of 
thing.  And it's really nice to be able to go as fast under power as 
under sail.

See you on the water.

Jack Chandler
Richland, Washington USA

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