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Re: Hull Speed for san juan 23

The hull speed of a San Juan 23 is about 5 Knots. Any speed you get above
that is the result of favorable conditions.To test this try a trip of about
10 miles and check your average speed. I think you find your average speed
will aveage about 5 knots.
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Sent: Thursday, October 12, 2000 9:11 AM
Subject: RE: Hull Speed for san juan 23

> Gene, do you know the hull speed for the san juan 23, and is it the same
> the mark I swing keel and the mark II fin keel?  The usual calculation
> X square root of the waterline) would indicate about 6 knots, but I have
> seen calculations on the web which put it as high as 7.6 knots.  As well,
> some recent literature indicates that the usual formula applied more to
> keel boats, and may be an undercalculation for lighter
> hulled boats.
> In my own experience, I recently calibrated my knotmeter based on GPS
> readings on absolutely calm/no wave or wind water (using the motor), so I
> think it is fairly accurate.  Since then, I have sailed at 6.8 to 7.1
> in 15 to 18 knot winds, and once had the knotmeter read 10 knots when on a
> run I had two successive larger waves from astern, and felt like I was
> surfing down the second one (interesting, unexpected experience in my mark
> II fin keel boat!).
> I would appreciate any comments you could provide, based on your
> Thanks.
> Frank.
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