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Re: tiller lenght/hinge

Hi Dan

Depending on the type of weather you sail in, I suggest you "think twice"
about reducing the lenght of the tiller and/or adding a hinge that could
create a weak spot.

I have been in very demanding seas and stong winds with my SJ23. In those
conditions I needed all the leverage provided by the lenght of the tiller to
help me control of the boat. After a few of these sailing conditions, I
choose to go with safety rather than convenience.

The above is my personal opinion, others may feel differently.

jack carr

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> Bob,
>     I'm glad to read your assessment of the tiller.  Maureen and I came to
> same conclusion.  We thought about hinging it, so it would fold back.
That way
> you would still have it if you wanted to snuggle up front.
>     Anyone have any other thoughts on the tiller length and methods of
> adjusting it?
>                                                             Dan
> Bob Spencer wrote:
> > Scot and I had a delightful sail on Saturday. This is the season of
> > in Kentucky, and the lake was beautiful. There are high, vertical, bare
> > cliff faces all along, part of the original river cut, and they are
> > most impressive in the fall when the color surrounds them. It was a day
> > dramatic light, and both water and shore were a pleasure to see.
> >
> > Wind was good, 6-15 knots, mostly, but shifty and variable, as usual.
> > can be a nuisance, but it will teach you to sail, if you work at it. We
> > sailed 12 miles down the lake and had several miles of good reaching
> > breezes, both coming and going. It is impressive how a good sailing
> > drops the wind chill, isn't it? Actual temperature never reached 50F,
> > it certainly seemed cooler than that.
> >
> > We are learning the boat, and like her more each time we sail. We spent
> > some time wing-on-wing, and were impressed how much the forefoot is
> > down while doing that in a wind. Fore-and-aft trim seems very important
> > making the SJ23 perform, at least in our boat.
> >
> > We finally chose a name...Kestrel...and are having some letters made.
> > work is going along slowly, because we can never resist the temptation
> > sail, rather than work, but she is almost as we want her. The jib keeps
> > hanging up on the outer shroud while tacking, gets backwinded. We've
> > ordered some vinyl covers for the shroud, which should solve that
> >
> > We have come to understand the comments from some that the cockpit is a
> > small. It is. We are beginning to think the tiller is a little too long,
> > and may shorten it so that crew and helmsman can both do their thing
> > easily when tacking. Tacking in a strong wind, it can be a bit crowded.
> >
> > Bob
> >
> > Bob
> > Sail #619
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