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Change of address...

  My wife Lynne and I just recently moved into a new home and have brought 
our as of yet unlaunched SJ23 with us. Newly planted in our yard close to the 
garage so as to facilitate the rest of the work needed to put her in the 
water in the spring. I was wondering how I can change our address on the 
Skippers list, and also how to go about adding pictures of the upcoming work, 
and work already done, verses the final product. [It will, of course be a 
work in progress, as the house will undoubtedly be also.] I do have some 
photos of the boat as she sat, [neglected badly] as well as some during the 
formidable bottom job. The rest is still to be accomplished. Bulkhead 
replacement and entire redo of the interior. I will have many questions, some 
of which will be answered by the tec-tips section of the website.  Any 
suggestions would be so welcome. Thanks!
                              William Best

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