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Re: Change of address...

I have been working on a old westerly for 3 years to
get this good old orpahn boat back in shape.   Now
that I have retired and moved from Mn to Fl the boat
is looking worse and getting better.   More functional
stuff, more patches, more salt damage, more Hurricane
gordon, but I know it is getting closer to being a
pretty old boat any day now.   Take it a piece at a
time, and realise that upgraiding a old boat is a
voyage, and have fun.  If I never get done, so be it. 
With less income and more time, it often seems like I
am only staying even, but I have a good old boat, and
we are in love.
--- wrote:
>   My wife Lynne and I just recently moved into a new
> home and have brought 
> our as of yet unlaunched SJ23 with us. Newly planted
> in our yard close to the 
> garage so as to facilitate the rest of the work
> needed to put her in the 
> water in the spring. I was wondering how I can
> change our address on the 
> Skippers list, and also how to go about adding
> pictures of the upcoming work, 
> and work already done, verses the final product. [It
> will, of course be a 
> work in progress, as the house will undoubtedly be
> also.] I do have some 
> photos of the boat as she sat, [neglected badly] as
> well as some during the 
> formidable bottom job. The rest is still to be
> accomplished. Bulkhead 
> replacement and entire redo of the interior. I will
> have many questions, some 
> of which will be answered by the tec-tips section of
> the website.  Any 
> suggestions would be so welcome. Thanks!
>                          Sincerely,
>                               William Best
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NOTE NEW ADDRESS: 30 Turner Street, Suite #908, Clearwater Florida  33756  for Jennifer and Paul Halenbeck

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