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Winter renovations

Hello all, hope everyone had a good summer.

My boat is also home for the winter, and now that I have sailed her for a
season, I have a better idea of what I want to do to her to get her ready
for next year. A couple of questions:
1. How can I find out if the original hull color was an orangish/red?  She
has been painted a couple of time, a lighter blue and a navy blue but there
is this orange showing through in a couple of places.
2. Recommendations on bottom paint?
3. Has anyone split their cabin cushions so you are not fighting with one
long cushion when you are trying to get into the storage area?
4. New outboard, but I want the controls to run up into the cockpit.  Anyone
else done this, recommendations?
5. Deck has a lot of small cracks, should I just sand it down a bit and
Let the winter discussions begin.

Tip for the ladies, have an extention cord put on the pull cord for the
motor, makes it a lot easier to get some leverage behind starting the motor.

Char Montz
S/V No Whine just Roses
Topsham, Maine

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