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RE: Winter renovations

Char, in response to your post:
1)  To find out what the original gelcoat colour was below the paint, you
might try rubbing a test spot with acetone (available at most hardware/paint
stores), which apparently removes paint, but does not harm gelcoat if rinsed
well.  The potential problem you face is that having removed all the paint,
the gelcoat may be quite oxidized, and not to your liking, in which case you
will need to paint it again.
2)  Regarding bottom paint, it is worth doing your homework on this
(Interlux has excellent material, including website); there are many
different kinds of bottom paint depending on your local conditions.  Among
the most popular are VC 17 (or a variation of this for salt water) which is
very slick, effective, but can't be applied over other bottom paints;
Interlux Fibreglass Bottomkote, a hard epoxy finish which also works quite
well;  Woolsey Blue Neptune, a water based antifouling which is softer, and
sloughs off to avoid build-up over the years.  Most (though not all) need to
be redone each year.  You might also consider whether you want to apply a
barrier coat first (to avoid blisters), which involves another bunch of
3)  Regarding the small cracks, don't just sand and repaint, as the cracks
will reappear in all likelihood.  I would differentiate between those which
look like the result of stress points, and ensure that you remedy/reinforce;
then hollow out the crack a bit so it will accept a filler, and fill with
epoxy mixture (lots of information available on how to do this, but needs to
be done right).

Good luck with your projects!

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