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RE: Prospective SJ 23 Owner

In North Texas a good clean San Juan 23 goes from $3,500 to $4,000.  I paid
$3,200 for my San Juan 24, but I've put an additional $18,000 in to it for
racing sails, rigging, bottom and a hydro-hoist over the two years I've had
it, and I haven't even started on the interior yet (But it's fast).  In any
even you can search for used sail boat prices at the attached web sites:

Six horsepower is more than adequate for a San Juan 23.  It will get you to
hull spead without any strain.  The only question is weather or not you want
your outboard to re-charge your batteries.

Mike Chaney
Pog Mo Thoin

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I would like to move up from a Precision 18 to something in the 22-23'
range.  The San Juan 23 is on my short list due to its shoal draft C/B
configuration, weight (between a Precision 23 and Oday 23), LWL and many of
the positive things I have read on the SJ23 web site.  I do have a couple of
questions for owners since I may be looking at a 1980 SJ 23 in a couple of
weeks.  This boat has been sitting since probably last year (engine not run
since Oct 99) and was used for lake sailing.  I would use the boat on the
Great Lakes.  So here a list of basic questions about this boat model:

Has anyone replaced the interior covers/cushions recently.  This boat,
according to the broker, needs the cushions replaced and I would need a good
baseline estimate to figure into my offer.

The boat's original rigging is still up.  My estimate is around $650 from a
local rigging shop as well as the rigging affiliate with West.  Would that
figure be about right?

The boat sports an Evinrude 6hp.  Is this adequate for a 23' boat?  I would
prefer an 8-9.5hp myself.  I use a 4hp on my Precision 18. 

The owner is asking $6400 which seems to me a bit high since the boat lacks
basic upgrades like roller furling, pushpit, cockpit cushions.  I doubt the
running rigging is less than 3 - 5 years old and the sail controls are
probably original.  They usually are.  If not it is usually highlighted on
the broker sheet.  What should a SJ23 like this go for assuming I find no
delamination at any of the usual stress points, mast step area, thru-deck
fittings for shrouds etc.?

What is the normal deduction for owner deferred maintenance on the trailer
like repacking the wheel bearings and whatever else goes with a trailer?

How tender is this boat?  Has anyone added additional ballast to a SJ23?  I
sail a Precision and while these are good boats they all sit around 32.5 -
34% ballast to weight ratio and that is the main reason for their
tenderness.  I placed an additional 150lbs in the keel sump on my 18' (33.5%
to 39%) and the boat sails great in heavier weather with one reef and the

Thanks in advance for  your replies.  

New London, OH
Precision 18

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