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(Fwd) RE: Prospective SJ 23 Owner

I disagree with the opinion that a 6hp outboard is enough for the 
SJ23.  Pogy Bait wouldn't reach hull speed (which is a touch over 6 
knots, by the way) with the Honda 7.5hp on the calmest of water, 
and progress against any kind of seas was painfully slow.  I'll admit 
that the Johnson 15hp that I replaced the aging Honda with was 
overkill, but now I know what hull speed actually feels like under 
power.  7.5hp is marginal for water as heavy as the Great Lakes 
can be, and 9.8/9.9 would probably be perfect.


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In North Texas a good clean San Juan 23 goes from $3,500 to $4,000.  I paid
$3,200 for my San Juan 24, but I've put an additional $18,000 in to it for
racing sails, rigging, bottom and a hydro-hoist over the two years I've had
it, and I haven't even started on the interior yet (But it's fast).  In any
even you can search for used sail boat prices at the attached web sites:

Six horsepower is more than adequate for a San Juan 23.  It will get you to
hull spead without any strain.  The only question is weather or not you want
your outboard to re-charge your batteries.

Mike Chaney
Pog Mo Thoin

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Jack Chandler
Richland, Washington USA

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