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Re: Prospective SJ 23 Owner

Hi Mark;

A 6hp motor should push the boat fine depending on where you sail. If you 
sail her where there is a lot of current, tides or high winds you may want to 
go up in size. I have a Honda 7.5 it works just fine. Try the six for a while 
you can always go up.

A boat is worth what one is willing to pay for it. It may be on the top end 
but it might have a lot of toys with it or be in pristine condition. Shop 
around I stole my boat for a lot less than that.

Compared to a Precision 18 the SJ is a real boat, it wont rock&roll like the 
18 does. I have had my SJ out in 20-30winds & it works just fine with or with 
reefing the main (it depends on who much I want to work).

As far as the trailer, just assume nothing has ever bin done to it, do 
everything at the beginning & you know what you got.

Have fun there a good boat

Ron Katz
Macon GA 

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