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Re: (Fwd) RE: Prospective SJ 23 Owner

Sorry, Ron.

I have already donated it to the local Sea Scouts chapter.  They 
have an ancient Shock 23 restoration project boat that came with 
an equally ancient Evinrude outboard, and they'll be using the 
Honda as a project.

I agree that the smaller outboards will provide adequate headway 
for the SJ23 under most conditions.  They are perfect for harbor 
maneuvering, where speed is against the rules anyway.  But if you 
need to cover some distance under power, a ten is probably a 
much better choice because it will push the boat up to hull speed.  
I don't believe I could ever get more than three knots on the 7.5.  I 
was going to get the Johnson 9.8 (or 9.9 or whatever they call their 
10hp motor these days), but the physical specs were identical for 
the 15 and I talked myself up a notch.

Whatever outboard you choose, it's important to get one with an 
alternator so you can operate the running lights with a dead battery.


On 27 Oct 2000, at 8:51, wrote:

> Hi Jack;
> Is your Honda a log shaft, & would you want to sell it? I might be
> interested in it for parts.
> Ron Katz
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