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my URL proposal (sorry)

Chuck misunderstood what I proposed, and now we're all confused. 
In general, I thought a commercial site would work better than the 
geocities-hosted site for a couple of reasons.  First, I don't like 
those annoying advertising windows that keep popping up whenever 
I visit a page in the tech tips section.  And secondly, logging to 
"" is more pleasant than using a list of 
subordinate directories.  I offered to donate the URL registration fee 
and a year of hosting to get things started.

Chuck could be "" and Bob could be  
""  or something like that.  (We can't get 
too far into email forwarding because sites that do that cost a little 
more money.)

Unfortunately, I didn't explain my suggestion very clearly, and 
Chuck thought I was trying to sell him something.  In this world of 
endless spam and unregulated e-commerce, it was a legitimate 
misinterpretation of a poorly worded suggestion.

Anyway, I didn't propose any changes to the site or its ownership, 
and I'll donate the renewal fees when the initial period expires.  If 
things don't work out, moving the site back to geocities would be 
pretty simple.  Chuck could even maintain a mirror site there as a 

Websites aren't expensive any more.  This one would cost me 
$131 a year, including the domain registration fee, and I can handle 
that.  If we decide to go ahead and anybody wants to help out with 
the fees, contact me off-list.
Jack Chandler
Richland, Washington USA

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