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Re: (Fwd) RE: Prospective SJ 23 Owner

I concur with the overkill on the 15hp Johnson, as I did the same thing.  
Although, I wanted to remote locate the control cables to the cockpit, and 
wanted electric start.  A 9hp is the same engine just with different 
carburation.  I love the power, as opposed to struggling in heavy weather
conditions.  Yes, it cost more $$$ to have the above features, but my aging
body certainly enjoys not leaning over the transom to yank the rope as we
are being blown into the dock after its dies at the critical moment!


At 05:05 PM 10/26/00 -0700, you wrote:
>I disagree with the opinion that a 6hp outboard is enough for the 
>SJ23.  Pogy Bait wouldn't reach hull speed (which is a touch over 6 
>knots, by the way) with the Honda 7.5hp on the calmest of water, 
>and progress against any kind of seas was painfully slow.  I'll admit 
>that the Johnson 15hp that I replaced the aging Honda with was 
>overkill, but now I know what hull speed actually feels like under 
>power.  7.5hp is marginal for water as heavy as the Great Lakes 
>can be, and 9.8/9.9 would probably be perfect.
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>In North Texas a good clean San Juan 23 goes from $3,500 to $4,000.  I paid
>$3,200 for my San Juan 24, but I've put an additional $18,000 in to it for
>racing sails, rigging, bottom and a hydro-hoist over the two years I've had
>it, and I haven't even started on the interior yet (But it's fast).  In any
>even you can search for used sail boat prices at the attached web sites:
>Six horsepower is more than adequate for a San Juan 23.  It will get you to
>hull spead without any strain.  The only question is weather or not you want
>your outboard to re-charge your batteries.
>Mike Chaney
>Pog Mo Thoin
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