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New Owner

I have just returned from Seattle, Washington (a 950 mile trip each way from
Edmonton, Alberta) where I purchased John Cone's SJ 23.  Over the past few
weeks, this site has provided me enormous insight into these boats and I'm
very enthusiastic about my winter fitting projects and the seemingly distant
spring launch.  The boat is in very good to excellent shape with nothing
more than some 1000 mile roadtrip cleanup and a little personalization in
order.  The trailer and motor are essentially new.  John, (like all SJ 23
owners, it seems) was a pleasure to deal with and a big help in preparing
the boat and trailer for transport.

I want to thank all of you for your interest and open discussion about these
boats, which has made my search for a trailerable cruiser a fun journey.  I
especially want to thank Bob Schimmel who lent his instinct and many answers
to my questions about this purchase.  I'd also like to thank Duncan Cook (a
local SJ 24 owner) for his insights into importing a boat into Canada; it
went without a hitch.

I look forward to more shared enthusiasm and the opportunity to share some
of my own adventures!

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