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RE: We're new!

Mine may be the best case scenario,

I have one of the early hull number SJ 24s. #85 built in 1973

My boat was sitting in Miami (Biscayne Bay) for 8 years without being
hauled. Bottom paint in my part of the country typically lasts 1 to 1/2
years.  The boat weathered several hurricanes (including Andrew) and the
only maintenance that the owner performed was having a monthly scuba diver
give the hull a scrub once a month (thank god).  When I went over the side
to check out the bottom before purchase I was a little skeptical on what I
would find.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised. The antifouling paint was down to the bare
hull in several places including the keel where the lead had pitted.  There
were only two blisters that I could see on the hull, I found two smaller
ones after I pulled the boat from the water.

All in all, structurally it was in great shape, cosmetically it was a mess.
That's OK, I wanted a fixer upper that I could do my way....

Once at home, I repainted the deck, topsides and bottom (with barrier coat,
then two coats of epoxy, then antifouling) faired the bottom and foils,etc
and fixed some deck delamination and compression (under the mast step)
$4,000 later I have a boat that looks and performs like new! New cushions,
new lifelines, new tiller, etc and I have done it my way!

All depends on what you want and how much time you want to spend on it.

I feel like a saved a boat that was destined for the graveyard. I probably
spent too much ($1700) to purchase but then again, I didn't have to replace
the running rigging, engine or any of the sails.

So, if you have the time, and the inclination, the www holds a wealth of
knowledge and resources.

Here is a couple of pictures of the after on our web page...

Just something to think about.

- Jeremy Dixon
San Juan 24
"My Tweety"
St. Petersburg,FL

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  I do think it is a shame that any boat should sit in the water for 15
without maintenance. There are very few constructions that could handle that
kind of neglect, and sadly, fiberglass is not one of them. What a shame! But
don't give up, as there are several boats on the market. Bob Schimmel and
rest of the clan can possibly lend a hand in finding one. At any rate, we
wish you all the best in your search. By the way, is there any way you could
furnish us with the hull number of the boat you mentioned? It might be of
interest. Let us know how goes your search!
                                                    William Best

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