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Re: New Owner

Congratulations! We envy you and your new winter project. When you get time or
as your admiring your purchase, would you mind sending us a picture of your
trailer. We want to modify the trailer we just bought and we need some ideas &
measurements for the SJ23. If you can lay a ruler on the trailer & that will
also help.  Thanks & good sailing!

"Murray, Doug" wrote:

> I have just returned from Seattle, Washington (a 950 mile trip each way from
> Edmonton, Alberta) where I purchased John Cone's SJ 23.  Over the past few
> weeks, this site has provided me enormous insight into these boats and I'm
> very enthusiastic about my winter fitting projects and the seemingly distant
> spring launch.  The boat is in very good to excellent shape with nothing
> more than some 1000 mile roadtrip cleanup and a little personalization in
> order.  The trailer and motor are essentially new.  John, (like all SJ 23
> owners, it seems) was a pleasure to deal with and a big help in preparing
> the boat and trailer for transport.
> I want to thank all of you for your interest and open discussion about these
> boats, which has made my search for a trailerable cruiser a fun journey.  I
> especially want to thank Bob Schimmel who lent his instinct and many answers
> to my questions about this purchase.  I'd also like to thank Duncan Cook (a
> local SJ 24 owner) for his insights into importing a boat into Canada; it
> went without a hitch.
> I look forward to more shared enthusiasm and the opportunity to share some
> of my own adventures!
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