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To all,

Thank you for the prompt and insightful information you provided me as I
look to move up from a Precison 18.  Your responses have given me an
opportunity to come up with a few other questions.   The boat I will
probably be looking at is about 200 miles away so all of this information
has been very usefull.

Was a pushpit standard on this boat?  The boat I will be looking at appears
not have any stern rail set up.  If not, is the stern's interior accessible
for installing backing plates or would I have to cut inspection holes/plates
in order to create access?  I have a wife with low to near zero swimming
skills and a youngster and an enclosed stern would be a nice safety feature
on a small boat.

Is there a separate water storage tank connected to the slide out galley and
if so what is its capacity and does it fill from a deck fitting?

Is there adequate cabin and cockpit storage space.  I have seen the
modification done to a shallow cockpit locker on the site and I would
certainly do that as well.  I too sealed the cockpit locker on my Precision
(a few have sunk after knock downs soley from water filling the boat from
the locker) and added 39 square feet of type II flotation.

It appears there are several variations to the interior or do all the JS23s
have a teak bulkhead divider between the salon and v-birth?  My wife
especially likes this on the Oday 23 but I think it would be easy to build
and install on a boat with just a partial divider.

Lastly, what is the headroom on a SJ23?  I read in one of the tech bulletins
on the site that it is around 68".  


Mark Wisdom
New London, OH

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