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RE: New Owner

The boat and trailer are now at my cottage (about and hour from home) and I
didn't take any detailed pictures of the trailer.  I will do so the next
time I'm out there and have them scanned and sent to you.  Probably about
two to three weeks.

The trailer was built in 1997 and is a single axle with a 5000 lb. torsion
bar suspension and 16" wheels.  It has surge brakes.  I was a bit
apprehensive about a single axle trailer as I planned to pull it with my
1993 Jeep GC through the mountains of Washington, Idaho, British Columbia
and Alberta.  Both the Jeep and the trailer performed flawlessly although
they looked a bit like a mouse pulling an elephant!  The big issue with
mountain pulling is always braking and the surge brakes were ideal.

The trailer structure is such that the boat weight rests on the keel on a
pad located directly over the axle.  There are angled guides from the rear
of the trailer tapering to the keel pad which would guide the keel over the
pad if you were ramp launching the boat (we had it hoisted out of the water
and set onto the trailer on Friday).  The trailer also has a two by six
carpeted support on each side of the hull.  They are adjustable for height
to take some of the weight off of the keel but were really not carrying much
weight for me.  On the rear height adjustment is a lever arrangement which
allows the rear of the two by six to be drawn towards the center of the
trailer after the boat has been floated onto it.  The idea is to float the
boat over the keel pad without the carpeted pads impeding it and then
swinging the long side pads laterally into place so the boat settles
directly onto the center of the trailer as it is pulled out of the water.  I
think it will work pretty well; I plan to ramp launch the boat each spring
(our lakes freeze here so we haul out annually).

I hope I haven't confused you too much with the explanation.  Please send me
your questions if you have any and I'll try to clarify.  I'll send the
pictures when I can get to it.
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Congratulations! We envy you and your new winter project. When you get time
as your admiring your purchase, would you mind sending us a picture of your
trailer. We want to modify the trailer we just bought and we need some ideas
measurements for the SJ23. If you can lay a ruler on the trailer & that will
also help.  Thanks & good sailing!

"Murray, Doug" wrote:

> I have just returned from Seattle, Washington (a 950 mile trip each way
> Edmonton, Alberta) where I purchased John Cone's SJ 23.  Over the past few
> weeks, this site has provided me enormous insight into these boats and I'm
> very enthusiastic about my winter fitting projects and the seemingly
> spring launch.  The boat is in very good to excellent shape with nothing
> more than some 1000 mile roadtrip cleanup and a little personalization in
> order.  The trailer and motor are essentially new.  John, (like all SJ 23
> owners, it seems) was a pleasure to deal with and a big help in preparing
> the boat and trailer for transport.
> I want to thank all of you for your interest and open discussion about
> boats, which has made my search for a trailerable cruiser a fun journey.
> especially want to thank Bob Schimmel who lent his instinct and many
> to my questions about this purchase.  I'd also like to thank Duncan Cook
> local SJ 24 owner) for his insights into importing a boat into Canada; it
> went without a hitch.
> I look forward to more shared enthusiasm and the opportunity to share some
> of my own adventures!
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