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Re: We're new!

Wow! Nice boat; we looked at your Tweety on the web. We've also come across a
SJ24 here. Looking at the draft and your trailer; we wondered if you trailer it
regularly or very infrequently. How does it trailer? Do you use a tongue
extension to lower it down a ramp?  When you step the mast; what do you do
about the internal halyards?

Jeremy Dixon wrote:

> Mine may be the best case scenario,
> I have one of the early hull number SJ 24s. #85 built in 1973
> My boat was sitting in Miami (Biscayne Bay) for 8 years without being
> hauled. Bottom paint in my part of the country typically lasts 1 to 1/2
> years.  The boat weathered several hurricanes (including Andrew) and the
> only maintenance that the owner performed was having a monthly scuba diver
> give the hull a scrub once a month (thank god).  When I went over the side
> to check out the bottom before purchase I was a little skeptical on what I
> would find.
> Well, I was pleasantly surprised. The antifouling paint was down to the bare
> hull in several places including the keel where the lead had pitted.  There
> were only two blisters that I could see on the hull, I found two smaller
> ones after I pulled the boat from the water.
> All in all, structurally it was in great shape, cosmetically it was a mess.
> That's OK, I wanted a fixer upper that I could do my way....
> Once at home, I repainted the deck, topsides and bottom (with barrier coat,
> then two coats of epoxy, then antifouling) faired the bottom and foils,etc
> and fixed some deck delamination and compression (under the mast step)
> $4,000 later I have a boat that looks and performs like new! New cushions,
> new lifelines, new tiller, etc and I have done it my way!
> All depends on what you want and how much time you want to spend on it.
> I feel like a saved a boat that was destined for the graveyard. I probably
> spent too much ($1700) to purchase but then again, I didn't have to replace
> the running rigging, engine or any of the sails.
> So, if you have the time, and the inclination, the www holds a wealth of
> knowledge and resources.
> Here is a couple of pictures of the after on our web page...
> Just something to think about.
> - Jeremy Dixon
> San Juan 24
> "My Tweety"
> St. Petersburg,FL
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> Mildred,
>   I do think it is a shame that any boat should sit in the water for 15
> years
> without maintenance. There are very few constructions that could handle that
> kind of neglect, and sadly, fiberglass is not one of them. What a shame! But
> don't give up, as there are several boats on the market. Bob Schimmel and
> the
> rest of the clan can possibly lend a hand in finding one. At any rate, we
> wish you all the best in your search. By the way, is there any way you could
> furnish us with the hull number of the boat you mentioned? It might be of
> interest. Let us know how goes your search!
>                                             Sincerely,
>                                                     William Best
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