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Re: We're new!

    Thanks for calling last night.  If you will send me an address, I will send
you a current picture of our boat.  Also, you've inspired me to get a written
assessment of the hull, and photographs, as well,  when we have it hauled.
Even if you and Elaine don't buy it we'll have it for the next interested
P.S.  I'll let you know when we get it scheduled to be hauled, in case you plan
to be in the area.

"Mildred E. Vogassaris" wrote:

> We discovered your list while researching the San Juan 23. We have been
> trying to find an SJ23 for several months. We've looked at 1 boat; but
> couldn't get the boat out of the water to check it out. It had been
> abandoned by the owner and has been sitting in a warm water lake for 15
> years.
> My husband, has been associated with boats for nearly 40 years. I'm
> ready to learn about them. He started with a Rhodes 19'; went to a
> Bristol 27' ; all 60' s vintage; after a short escapade into a 32' power
> cruiser he returned to the sailing society and is now restoring a 40'
> steel hull  ketch.
> We're trying to find a SJ23 to train me on and to use on the lakes and
> delta here in Calif.; as well as to bring up to Whidbey Island where my
> family lives.
> If anyone has a boat for sale on the west side of the United States;
> we'd love to hear about you. Until then, we'll dream and surf the web
> and scour the marinas hoping for that special boat.
> P.S. We just found and bought a tandem axle boat trailer with a 5000 lb
> capacity. We've got the trailer; now we just need the boat!
> Elaine and Kimon
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