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RE: Tech Tip E01

I agree that this discussion of motor sizes, advantages and disadvantages is
interesting.  I have a san juan 23 mark II with an 8 h.p. 1991 Suzuki.  The
motor is very reliable, and propels the boat at hull speed at about 3/4
throttle.  I have wondered if it would be better to have a 6 h.p. to reduce
weight, but appreciate the wisdom of an earlier message indicating that
operating at full throttle may wear out the engine faster.  As well, my
motor does not do particularly well in reverse; a smaller motor would
presumably do worse.
The motor that I have observed do very well in reverse, and perform very
reliably and very quietly, is the Yamaha 4 stroke, which also has a larger,
different propeller (but the motor also weighs more).
I would be interested in any other insights others may have, including the
wisdom of using different size propellers to improve performance, both
regular and in reverse.

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