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Fw: Fw: San Juan 23 Internet Fleet Burgee-Call for checks!


I assume the sample burgee will arrive in the mail today and I will forward
the $50.00 setup fee immediately. I have 24 statements of interest so at
this point I assume we will order  a minimum of 25 and  possibly a few more.
It's not too late to add your name.

 This means the setup fee will be shared by 25 and thus the total will be
$12.00 plus $2.00 plus tax (if there is any) and about $1.00 mailing cost
from me  to you  plus any shipping cost from Flags Plus to me (their price
may include shipping). So you can send me a check or money order for $16.00
per burgee and I should be alright.

 I will not order until I have all checks so please e-mail me to let me know
when you mail it. I have added my address to my signature block below. Feel
free to call me if you have any questions. I am usually up to midnight
Pacific Time.

Chuck Vande Wetering
PO Box 2205
Friday Harbor, WA 98250

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Sent: Monday, November 20, 2000 8:03 AM
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> Chuck,
> Received your burgee this morning.
> The price will be as follows:
> $50 one time set up fee
> 10" x 15" $11.50 each
> 12" x !8" $12.00 each
> no minimum quantity
> Your size appears to be somewhere in the middle of these 2 standard sizes.
> Since the colors are a bit faded, here are some choices
> we do not have a light blue we have a royal and a navy blue
> I am assuming the other is red
> The computer we have black or charcoal
> All on a white base.
> I believe you will find ours will not fade as your original one did.  Hope
> you received your samples I sent, Give me a call or e-mail me with any
> questions you may have.   The lead time is approximately 3 week.
> Thanks
> Diane

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