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Re: Burgee Checks

I know that this is totally inapptopriate for a
sail-boat list, but after a few drinks here in
Florida, and coming from No, Mn (almost Canada) we
could learn from the Canadian election process of
ballots.  It appears that the Canadian Ballot is so
simple and easy that the questions of the Palm beach,
and other questions are eliminated.  The confusing
ballots in Fl could only be properly read by those who
paid close attention (ie the votes for Buchanin) that
Properly belong to Gore. As we in the U.S.A look to
how to fix our election process I am sure we will move
into some wierd system that likely will give somebody
a short term advantage, when we only have to look to
the north cor a system that is almost foolproff for a
honest count, not like the system in some countys in
Florida.  We also could look to some cleaner states
like MN and some others, that are close to the
Canadian Ballott.   If George W winns it is to a
system that is hard to understand ---look up the
ballot in the disputed countys, and clompare to the
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>   ----- Original Message ----- 
>   From: Chuck vanDe Wetering 
>   To: SJ23 mail list 
>   Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2000 4:24 PM
>   Subject: Burgee Checks
>   I received the sample burgee today and it is of
> excellent quality. It is time to send your checks or
> money orders. Let me know when you mail them.
> Several additional skippers have indicated interest.
> What I need now is checks. When I have them I will
> make the order so be sure and e-mail me when you
> mail the check so I won't leave you out.
>   Happy Thanksgiving to you Americans. Some great
> family arguments are ahead over the election
> process. You Canadians beat us to the turkey. Hope
> the indigestion has passed by now. Sounds like you
> have a pretty hairy election coming up too!
>   Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
>   PO Box 2205
>   Friday Harbor, WA 98250
>   360-378-3194

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