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Re: cold weather procedure

I will reinforce below.  Weird stuff can happen, and a
few years ago when I was proud of myself for being
"First in and Last out" A heavy early snow came, and
thanks to having a very small cockpitt my (Orphan Like
san juan-- westerly) was loaded with snow and ice that
did not drain to the very cold water.  I came out of
it O.K., but learned a lesson without special covers,
and watch shit will happen, it is a matter of time.   
    The next point is how much do you really sail when
snow/ice is possible, and my answer was once maybe
twice. If   was still in a area where snow and ice
storms could occur I would have a cover and watch the
boat close- as in dock or mooring in my yard, and
evaluate how much pleasure cold weather sailing really
gave me  or was I just being cheap or lazy for not
pulling the thing out of the water durning freeze
season.  Now that I have achieved Florida the answer
is that I will pull for repair and bottom coat in
August  when it is too hot, and risk of storms is
high.  Perhaps the  .   lesson is watch your own
baby/boat daily as nobody is going to do it for you.or
put her in the yard or garage.                   -To
solve this problem I moved to Florida, then learned
that Hurricane storm surge can be a problem no matter
how many lines are there.  When the storm hits, snow
or storm serge can one really get there, or do
something (what)    Pull her out and cover off season,
and sail another day.  It will happen.  
--- Bob Schimmel <> wrote:
> Bob Spencer wrote:
> > My boat has only one through-hull fitting, that
> for the sink drain. It is
> > in the starboard settee locker, and there is a
> cut-off valve about one foot
> > from the hull. I sail in an area where it is a
> rare thing for the lake to
> > freeze, but we do get overnight temperatures well
> below freezing. How much
> > danger is there of the  water standing in the
> lower end of the line
> > freezing and causing damage? Is there anything I
> should do to minimize the
> > risk, if any?
> >
> > Bob
> >
> > Bob
> > Sail #619
> >
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> We had this problem not long ago on wabamun Lake. 
> Here is the basic jest of
> it.  I suggest you get her out of the water ASAP.
> About Sailboats Floating in Winter - Several years
> ago tons of snow dropped
>               overnight in the Vancouver area. Then
> there was a daytime thaw
> followed by an
>               overnight freeze and several boats
> sank in their slips the
> following morning. The cause
>               was fresh water runoff from the hills
> flowing on top of the salt
> water. The fresh water
>               was deep enough to enter a through
> hull fitting that was left
> open. At night the air
>               temperature dropped below freezing and
> the cabin temperature
> followed shortly after.
>               Any fresh water in a pipe then froze,
> ultimately splitting it. As
> the daytime heating
>               warmed the cabins, it also melted the
> ice in the pipes, letting
> in sea water and sinking
>               the boat. Now wouldn't that ruin your
> day!
>               The point is, we boaters on fresh
> water lakes are not that far
> from this scenario with the
>               current weather. You are less likely
> to have this happen at a
> mooring because the
>               movement of the boat should prevent
> ice from freezing around the
> hull. On the other
>               hand, boats huddled together at a dock
> might trap warm air. In
> any case, it is wise to
>               close all your through hull fittings,
> especially in this cold
> weather.
> --
> Best Regards
> Bob Schimmel
> Spruce Grove, Alberta
> Canada
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