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Re: Burgees

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Sorry for the selay..check for one Burgee is in the mail to you...thanks...Dick
<p>Chuck vanDe Wetering wrote:
<blockquote TYPE=CITE><style></style>
<font face="Arial"><font size=-1>Skippers,</font></font>&nbsp;<font face="Arial"><font size=-1>This
should be the last word on burgees! Flags Plus did not get back to me to
confirm the order and get my credit card info so I assume you have until
next Monday to call or e-mail me that you are mailing your check and want
to be added to the list.</font></font>&nbsp;<font face="Arial"><font size=-1>Chuck
and Barbara Vande Wetering</font></font>
<br><font face="Arial"><font size=-1>PO Box 2205</font></font>
<br><font face="Arial"><font size=-1>Friday Harbor, WA 98250</font></font>
<br><font face="Arial"><font size=-1><a href="";></a></font></font>
<br><font face="Arial"><font size=-1>360-378-3194</font></font>
<br><font face="Arial"><font size=-1><a href="";></a></font></font></blockquote>



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