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forwarded message from Paul Wahto: Dinghy

Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 21:25:28 -0800
From: Paul Wahto <cen51994@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Dingy
I have enjoyed all the new information this iste provides. I spent some time on
my boat Coolibah in the San Juans last summer and have wonderful memories to keep
for the winter. One thing that was a concern was having to tow an inflatable as
a dingy. There seemed to be a lot of drag. What do the rest of you use for a
dingy on your cruises. There must be something more efficient than a 10 foot
Achilles inflatable. It was very nice for exploring once we anchored though. I
would appreciate any information you could send my way.
Thanks, Paul

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