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Subject: Main sail from ["bobby kawamura" <>]

Subject: Main sail
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 20:04:19 -0800
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SJ23 sailors,
I made a star cut pentax main from a kit purchased from sailrite. They have
an online catalog. It cost me about $600.00US before it was over. I later
upgraded the slugs and has a sailmaker press the grommets. I probably would
have been better off doing the entire job myself.  I took a lot of time and
effort but look marvelous seeing your shimmering handmade work against blue
sky. The URL is:
Sails are what drive the boat. Second only to safety gear in value on a
sailboat. The only draw back is when you pass someone and they say you have
better sails its at least partially true.

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