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RE: Spinnaker questions

The Spinnaker Pole is required to be equal to the "J" of your boat, the distance from the mast to the Forestay. 
You might get away without a toping lift since the spinnaker pole will be pretty light, but you will definitely need a down haul for the pole. 
So:  You need to rig two lines, a spinnaker halyard and a down haul.  Make sure the sheave for the spinnaker halyard is above the forestay.  A simple bulls eye mounted just forward of the mast will do for the down haul.
Mike Chaney
San Juan 24
Pog Mo Thoin
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Subject: Spinnaker questions

Hi Everybody,

Our SJ23 came with a beautiful spinnaker, but very little rigging to support it.  It measures 20'x14'x20'.  I grew up sailing G-Cats and have never flown a spinnaker. My questions are:

1.  How long of a spinnaker pole and what other associated rigging may I need? 

2.  I have 2 eyes on the forward part of the mast that we use for the whisker pole.  Can I use these for the spinnaker pole?

3.  Is it possible to use the headsail halyard and running rigging to fly the spinnaker?

Thanks in advance,

Sean & Renae

"Mac 'n Ellie"

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