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SJ23 centerboard trunk width

I have borrowed a marginally acceptable Calkins single-axle trailer 
to haul Pogy Bait out for long-overdue bottom maintenance.  
Fortunately, my moorage is only a couple of miles from home, so 
using the trailer that's rated for 3200 lbs won't represent a major 
risk if I empty the cabin and lazarette first.

My payment for this loan is replacement of a broken port-side 
bunk, which is more bother than work.  A new 2x4 and carpet 
remnants, and maybe a new lag screw or two, right?

My real problem is reconfiguration of the trailer to accept the SJ23 
Mk 1 hull.  The trailer is configured for a Shock 21, but the axle is 
far enough aft that it will handle the longer SJ23 without center of 
gravity issues.  Based on my dim recollection of Pogy Bait's hull 
the last time she was out of the water, however, I suspect that the 
centerboard trunk guides are too close together.

How wide IS the centerboard trunk on the SJ23 Mk 1, anyway?
Jack Chandler
Richland, Washington USA

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