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Re: Winches, again

--- geneandlizadams <geneandlizadams@xxxxxxxxxx>
> The last new San Juan 23 I sold was up graded to #
> 16 2 speed winches to allow a woman to use a life
> sling to retrieve a man overboard. The side benefit
> was that their 10 year old son was able to sheet the
> Genoa. The # 16 was the biggest winch that would fit
> on the coaming. It is hard to have winches that are
> too big. Sailing tends to be too macho and requires
> more strength than many woman have. bigger winches
> tend to solve the problem.
> Gene Adams
>   ----- Original Message ----- 
>   From: Char-home 
>   To: San Juan 23 List 
>   Sent: Monday, May 21, 2001 10:01 AM
>   Subject: Winches, again
>   Hello fellow San Juan'rs-
>   I have tried everyway I know to get hold of the
> Australian Winch Co, Inc., including several emails,
> and even phone calls to no avail.  Maybe they have
> gone on a walk about, who knows.  Either way, I am
> thinking of replacing my two #16 ARCO winches.  From
> all the information I have read, I am wondering if I
> can down size to a smaller, less expensive winch.  I
> am not a racer, just a daysailor at this point. 
> What is the opinion of the group?  I was thinking a
> #10.
>   Thank you for your advice.
>   Char

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