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Winches, again

I finally got the spare parts from the Winch company in Australia.  I called them on the phone, after attempts at emailing did not work. They said they would send me a blow up of the winches, but they didn't.  I have taken the drums off my winches, cleaned them, and of course, did not need the pawls and springs, since I had extras.  That seems to have helped the one ARCO 16, but the other is still not turning well.  Is there a secret to getting the rest of the winch apart?  There is a small hole in the top steel piece (that holds the pawls).  Is there something I need to undo in order to strip the winch down further?  It was one thick,dirty mess in there.  Any suggestions?  Please help, our sailing season is short enough, and I would like to get in the water soon.

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