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Re: Bimini

--- Chuck vanDe Wetering <wwp62@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Pardon my ignorance, but what is a bimini? I am a
> transplanted Yankee living in the northwest and I
> thought it was something like a dodger which we use
> up here in paradise to keep the wind off our pale
> and delicate bodies when we sail in 60 degree
> weather. If it is a dodger, see Bob Schimmel's
> Techtip G04 for some good ideas. Otherwise please
> enlighten me ya'all.
> -                                             
-------This could be a case of the unwise talking to
the wise--like Chuck--but a bimini is a "canvas" roof
over your cockpitt, and under the boom---for
shade--and here it is necessary at 90 and humid.
Summer sailing here can be brutal--Not like No.
Minnesota where I am from where freezing is more of a
problem Is not a dodger a littler thing over the cabin
door that prevents spray and wind?   I typed Bimini
under Lycos search and got results. 
> Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
> PO Box 2205
> Friday Harbor, WA 98250
> wwp62@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> 360-378-3194

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