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Re: Centerboard

  I'm about to handle the same problem Sat. morning.   Just bought the boat
last month and put it in lake Conroe two weeks ago as you have found out the
board doesn't always come down.  I have no idea what I'm about get into but I
have all my stuff ready, cable 3/32" and 1/4"  and all the hardware I can
think of.  The only plan I'm not sure of is how to raise 3000 lb. up 12"
someone told me how to do it with the trailer I'll let you know. How did you
raise yours up.  As far as your problem, can you push a wood dowel into the
cable hole down to the swing keel and tap it out. That is the only thing I
can think of, not being at that stage yet.
George Farland

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