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Re: Centerboard

Hi, If you remove the table you will be able to see down the leg and right on top of your c/b. A good dowel or find a broom handle( may have to shave it down a bit) and a hammer and I'm sure you will get it out. I had this problem and that is how I got mine loose. The permanent cure, go to a metal shop and get one made up from stainless steel, may cost more but the aggravation is gone forever...RAy on the "April Fool"
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From: j4fwtx1
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 3:25 PM
Subject: Centerboard

Well, the darn centerboard is stuck up in there !!  I have banged, pried, squirted WD40, spit, danged, darned, cussed !! It wont come out !  What can I do ?  I am sure its rusted in or mutated into a new life form.   Reciprocating saw ?  HELP !! 
Its on the trailer outside the house........any ideas ?
Carey Smith
Midland, Tx

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