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Re: Centerboard

Hey, guys ... banging bumping and thumping may fix the problem of centerboard sitckitis temporarily but there's nothing like cleaning out the trunk itself.  There are five lag screws holding the board in place.  Removing them will drop the whole thing out, pendant and all.  Put the screws back with 3M 202 marine sealant ... not too tight.  A round tapered rasp about 18-20" long is great for cleaning out the trunk from the bottom.  It's amazing how much marine growth and other muck accumulates there. 
I have found that 3/16 dacron line works better than stainless cable as long as you replace it every year.  Wire rope tends to fatigue as it passes over the sheave ... braided dacron line doesn't .... and it's cheaper and a lot easier to make the right length.
Juan Mo' Time
Oriental, NC
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Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 8:00 PM
Subject: Re: Centerboard

Hi, If you remove the table you will be able to see down the leg and right on top of your c/b. A good dowel or find a broom handle( may have to shave it down a bit) and a hammer and I'm sure you will get it out. I had this problem and that is how I got mine loose. The permanent cure, go to a metal shop and get one made up from stainless steel, may cost more but the aggravation is gone forever...RAy on the "April Fool"
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From: j4fwtx1
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 3:25 PM
Subject: Centerboard

Well, the darn centerboard is stuck up in there !!  I have banged, pried, squirted WD40, spit, danged, darned, cussed !! It wont come out !  What can I do ?  I am sure its rusted in or mutated into a new life form.   Reciprocating saw ?  HELP !! 
Its on the trailer outside the house........any ideas ?
Carey Smith
Midland, Tx

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