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To all on the San Juan 23 mail list
   I'm sorry I stepped onto your list last week without an introduction. I am
George Farland and my wife is Jacki Farland we are from Sugar Land, Texas (
20 year transplants from New Jersey ).  We have been sailing our MacGregor
for about 3 years on West Bay  occasionally  but mostly Lake Conroe in Conroe
Texas. We are novice sailors and enjoy the easy pace and night sails.
   I joined your list a few weeks ago after buying a 1978 San Juan 23.  I was
looking for a trailer for my 74 MacGregor Venture of Newport  "TACHY”  when I
came across the SJ-23. My wife made the comment that she liked the design
better, being married 32 years I always try to please my wife, so I bought
the SJ-23.  I just happen to like it better too. 
   After my reply to Carey I immediately started to recieve e-mails from you
guys  (y'all) including invitations to get together. It was nice to be
received that way, even with no interduction.  This seems like a good list of
people.  Thank You. I'll try to respond to all but if I don't please forgive
and don't give up I am old. 
   For all those " lets get togethers " love to, we have a membership at a
campground on Lake Conroe  that has launch ramps and docks. It is a nice
place to be based at. Thank You again for the nice reception hope to be
talking to you all soon

George and Jacki Farland 
Sugar Land, Texas
1987 SJ-23   to be renamed  "TWO TACHY"
281-277-4371   home
281-277-0129   work
281-850-5930   cell

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