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Re: Centerboard

--- GDFARLAND@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi Carey
>    Sat. went well and I did not drop the boat on the
> ground.  The trailer 
> idea worked well, it was tiring since I was working
> alone but workable and 
> did not seem overly dangerous. The keel was stuck
> but it did come out with a 
> little effort.  I used a small pry bar between the
> retaining plate and the 
> bottom of the hull, with easy pressure to lower the
> forward part of the keel. 
> It came down fairly easy.  Once the forward edge
> came down some,  I started 
> moving it up and down,  the weight started to bring
> the back of the keel 
> down.  I had also taken all the tension off the
> lifting cable. ( watch your 
> hands and fingers )  I had put the boat in the water
> two weeks ago and I did 
> notice it was still wet inside the keel well. The
> water may have helped 
> lubricate.   The problem I had was putting it back
> in.  The keel was rusted 
> with shale on it so I wire wheeled it and spray
> painted it.  I ran a knife 
> blade in the keel well to make sure it seemed clean
> but when I reinstalled 
> the keel it bound up.  I kept raising and lowering
> the keel to try to get it 
> to work free.  I ended up putting grease on the keel
> and it seemed to help 
> BUT.  I know I'm going to have to revisit this
> problem this season since I 
> don't leave the boat in the water and it has to go
> up and down every time we 
> use it. Next time I'm going to file out the well or
> find something  to use 
> with an electric drill to ream out the well. 
>     If you would like to sail on Lake Conroe maybe
> we can get together. We 
> have a membership at a campground with ramps and
> docks.  We generally trailer 
> the weekend and put the boat in for the weekend.   

Paul Rosebud Halenbeck                                      --30 Turner St suite 908                                    --Clearwater Florida 33756                                 ---His mind was a terrible thing to waste--

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