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Re: Centerboard

Well, I am glad it went well with your centerboard project.  Your experience will aid me greatly I hope.  As soon as I am able I will be tackling the SJ, as I hope to salvage part of the sailing season.  I am recuperating from this dang neck surgery and still have to take it easy for about another month. 
Sure, lets stay in touch.  My daughter is moving to Tomball this week, so we will be traveling out that way before too long I hope.  I will save your address and numbers and will be in touch.
Stay sailing and have fun,
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Sent: Monday, July 02, 2001 12:43 PM
Subject: Re: Centerboard

Hi Carey
  Sat. went well and I did not drop the boat on the ground.  The trailer
idea worked well, it was tiring since I was working alone but workable and
did not seem overly dangerous. The keel was stuck but it did come out with a
little effort.  I used a small pry bar between the retaining plate and the
bottom of the hull, with easy pressure to lower the forward part of the keel.
It came down fairly easy.  Once the forward edge came down some,  I started
moving it up and down,  the weight started to bring the back of the keel
down.  I had also taken all the tension off the lifting cable. ( watch your
hands and fingers )  I had put the boat in the water two weeks ago and I did
notice it was still wet inside the keel well. The water may have helped
lubricate.   The problem I had was putting it back in.  The keel was rusted
with shale on it so I wire wheeled it and spray painted it.  I ran a knife
blade in the keel well to make sure it seemed clean but when I reinstalled
the keel it bound up.  I kept raising and lowering the keel to try to get it
to work free.  I ended up putting grease on the keel and it seemed to help
BUT.  I know I'm going to have to revisit this problem this season since I
don't leave the boat in the water and it has to go up and down every time we
use it. Next time I'm going to file out the well or find something  to use
with an electric drill to ream out the well.
   If you would like to sail on Lake Conroe maybe we can get together. We
have a membership at a campground with ramps and docks.  We generally trailer
the weekend and put the boat in for the weekend.   

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