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Re: Bilge Pump

> My suggestion for locating a bilge pump is to
> install one forward and one aft.
> These two places are both big voids that are
> difficult to bail with a pail.
> The area under the cabin seats is of no concern
> because they hold an
> insignificant amount of water.                      
                                   -I have to agree
with Bob, that multiple bilge pumps are the way to go
in any compartment big enough to cause a problem. 
Also remember that a boat with a bunch of water is
alot less O.K. when the storm or waves hit the harbor
or mooring.   Consider             1. A boat that
starts leaking in the bow will start sinking in the
bow.   A boat that starts leaking in the stern will
start sinking in the stearn.     My Westerly has 2
large compartments in the bow that would hold alot of
water. The stern has one large compartment that could
take on alot of water, so to be safe (er)  I should
have 3 pumps + manual ready to go.   The stern is or
course more likely to leak at dock or mooring, but at
sea---                               I would prefur to
not disclose how I have become experienced at boat
sinking, but can say that I used to be younger.  Do
not forget that these things have to be powered too,
and your battery will not last to long, and this has
to be delt with too.  I now have a shore tie that I
never used to bother with.  Paul

Paul Rosebud Halenbeck                                      --30 Turner St suite 908                                    --Clearwater Florida 33756                                 ---His mind was a terrible thing to waste--

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